• 470uF 35V Capacitor
470uF 35V Capacitor


  • Standard Type with Excellent Ratings
  • Long Life
  • Low Leakage Current
  • Easy Mounting
  • RoHS Compliant


  • Capacitance: 470uF
  • Voltage Rating: 35V
  • Termination Style: Radial

Product Description

Buy 470uF 35V Capacitor From ElectronicsBD Bangladesh (BD)

In Bangladesh, you can get the best Quality and original 470uF 35V Capacitor from ElectronicsBD. We have a large collection of the latest 470uF 35V Capacitor to purchase. Order online or visit our shop ElectronicsBD to get yours at the lowest price.

What is the latest and best price of 470uF 35V Capacitor in Bangladesh (BD) ?

The latest and special price of 470uF 35V Capacitor in Bangladesh is BDT ৳9.00 Taka. Buy best quality 470uF 35V Capacitor from ElectronicsBD at a special price in Bangladesh (BD). You can buy 470uF 35V Capacitor at best price from ElectronicsBD or visit ElectronicsBD Store. বাংলাদেশে আকর্ষণীয় মূল্যে কিনুন 470uF 35V Capacitor শুধুমাত্র ইলেকট্রনিক্স বিডি ElectronicsBD থেকে। ElectronicsBD বাংলাদেশের সকল প্রধান স্থান যেমন বরিশাল, চট্টগ্রাম, ঢাকা, খুলনা, রাজশাহী, রংপুর, ময়মনসিংহ এবং সিলেটে পণ্য ডেলিভারি করে ।

Arman Ahmed05/09/2023

Alhamdulillah, sob kichui thik thak moto peyechi.

cani 28/05/2023

I recommend this store

Md Belal 19/10/2022

Electronics BD sells a good collection of products in Bangladesh. We have blocked students like us. A very good platform for them.

Raiyan 10/06/2021

ডেলিভারি অনেক ফাস্ট ছিলো

Faruque 19/06/2020

Quick service, quality products but price a bit high.

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470uF 35V Capacitor

470uF 35V Capacitor