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18x3 Neodymium Magnet 18x3 4 N35 NdFeB Round Super Powerful Strong Permanent Magnet Coin

Model: 4703

This magnet is a high-quality neodymium magnet, featuring a diameter of 18 mm and a height of 3 mm, ..

1pcs 15x3mmNeodymium Magnet Small Round Rare Earth Magnet

Model: 4698

Discover the exceptional strength and versatility of our 15x3mm Neodymium Magnet, a small yet powerf..

Ceramic Ring Magnet

Model: 3841


Neodymium magnet 25 x 3 mm disc

Model: 4699

This Neodymium Magnet is a powerful and versatile magnetic solution designed for a wide range of app..

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