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Optocouplers IC

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Model: 0628-20000-64-
Product Features100% Brand New and High Quality Category: Isolators Family: Optoisolators - Transistor, Photovoltaic Output Number of Channels: 1Input Type: DC Voltage - Isolation: 7500Vpk Current Transfer Ratio (Min): 20% @ 10mA Voltage - Output: 30V Current - DC Forward (If): 60mA Vce Saturation (..
Ex Tax:৳30.00
Model: 0624-20000-8-
Product DescriptionPart NO.:4N26MPackage:6-DIP (0.300, 7.62mm)Description:OPTOCOUPLER TRANS-OUT 6-DIPSupplier:SICSTOCKNumber of Channels:1Input Type:DCVoltage - Isolation:7500VpkCurrent Transfer Ratio (Min):20% @ 10mACurrent Transfer Ratio (Max):-Voltage - Output:30VCurrent - Output / Channel:-Curre..
Ex Tax:৳33.00
Model: 0626-20000-10-
Product DescriptionPart NO.:4N33MPackage:6-DIP (0.300, 7.62mm)Description:OPTOCOUPLER PHOTODARLINGTON 6DIPSupplier:SICSTOCKNumber of Channels:1Input Type:DCVoltage - Isolation:1500VrmsCurrent Transfer Ratio (Min):500% @ 10mACurrent Transfer Ratio (Max):-Voltage - Output:30VCurrent - Output / Channel..
Ex Tax:৳35.00
Model: 0627-18000-3-
Product FeaturesOrder Unit: Each 1 CTR Min:: 100 Forward Current If Max:: 50 Input Current:: 10 Isolation Voltage:: 5.3 No. of Channels:: 1 No. of Pins:: 6 Opto Case Style:: DIP Optocoupler Case Style:: DIP Optocoupler Output Type:: Phototransistor&n..
Ex Tax:৳30.00
Model: 2189-15000-0-
Specifications:No of Channels:1 Channel; Optocoupler Case Style: Surface Mount DIP; No of Pins: 6Pins; Forward Current Max: 60mA; Isolation Voltage: 5.3kV; CTR Min:100%;  Input Current:10mA; RoHS..
Ex Tax:৳68.00
Model: 0621-20000-17-
Specifications:Part NO.:6N136VPackage:8-DIP (0.300, 7.62mm)Description:OPTOCOUPLER 1CH TRANS OUT 8DIPSupplier:SICSTOCKNumber of Channels:1Input Type:DCVoltage - Isolation:2500VrmsCurrent Transfer Ratio (Min):19% @ 16mACurrent Transfer Ratio (Max):50% @ 16mAVoltage - Output:-0.5 ~ 20 VCurrent - Outpu..
Ex Tax:৳30.00
Model: 0629-15000-7-
Product FeaturesManufacturer: Vishay Product Category: Optocouplers RoHS: Current Transfer Ratio: 1600 % Data Rate: 10 MBd Maximum Forward Diode Voltage: 1.7 V Maximum Reverse Diode Voltage: 5 V Maximum Power Dissipation: 85 mW Maximum Operating Temperature: + 100 C Minimum Operating Temperature: - ..
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Model: 3786-15000-0-
Specifications:• Excellent IFT stability : IR emitting diode has low degradation • High isolation voltage : minimum 5300 VAC RMS • Underwriters Laboratory (UL) recognized—File #E90700 • Peak blocking voltage :  250V-MOC301XM Package Includes1x MOC3011 Optocoup..
Ex Tax:৳29.00
Model: 0608-24000-7-
Product DescriptionTechnical informationGeneralTypeOptocouplerDesignTriac outputHousingDIP-6Electrical valuesForward bias1.2Forward current10Forward voltage1.5 VForward current50 mAWith triac outputType Forward voltage: 1.2 VType Forward current: 10 mAMax. Forward voltage: 1.5 VMax. Forward current:..
Ex Tax:৳40.00
Model: 0622-40000-15-
MOC3041 DIP6 6-Pin DIP Zero-Cross Optoisolators Triac Driver Output..
Ex Tax:৳29.00
Model: 0623-15000-9-
Product DescriptionPart NO.:MOC3043TMPackage:6-DIPDescription:OPTOCOUPLER TRIAC-OUT ZC 6-DIPSupplier:SICSTOCKVoltage - Isolation:7500VpkNumber of Channels:1Voltage - Off State:400VOutput Type:AC, Triac, Zero CrossCurrent - Gate Trigger (Igt) (Max):5mACurrent - Hold (Ih):400µACurrent - DC Forward (If..
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Model: 2055-18000-31-
MOC3052 Triac Driver IC..
Ex Tax:৳32.00
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