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Logic Comparator IC

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Model: 3347-45000-17-
10200CT MBRF10200 Schottky & Rectifiers 10A 200Vrrm 110A 0.91Vf TO-220F ..
Ex Tax:৳61.00
Model: 3164-30000-18-
SpecificationRow to Row Distance: 7.62mmNumber of Pins :20Pin Pitch:2.54mmPin Length:4mmDimension:25.5mm (L) x 10mm (W) x 5mm (H)..
Ex Tax:৳13.00
Model: 3165-10000-99-
SpecificationRow to Row Distance: 15mmNumber of Pins :40Pin Pitch:2.54mmPin Length:4mmDimension:50.5mm (L) x 10mm (W) x 5mm (H)..
Ex Tax:৳24.00
Model: 0660-14000--2-
Specifications:Maximum current output through each gate, 8mAA supply voltage range of 4.75V to 5.25VOperating temperature of 0°C  to 70 °CA maximum supply voltage of 7VMaximum Rise Time: 15nsMaximum Fall Time: 15nsTTL outputsLead free..
Ex Tax:৳30.00
Model: 3784-25000-13-
Specifications:Six Independent Hex Buffer GatesOpen Collector Outputs Require Pull-Up ResistorsOpen Collector Type Suitable for Indicator Lamps and RelaysInput Clamping DiodesStandard TTL Switching VoltagesHex Buffer ICPackage Include:1 x 7407 / SN74HC07N Hex Buffer IC..
Ex Tax:৳35.00
Model: 4375-25000-11-
Specifications:Maximum Supply voltage VCC: 7 VMaximum Input voltage VIN :7 VMaximum Power dissipation PT: 400 mWStorage temperature Tstg: –65 to +150 °CPackage:1x 7411 AND Gate IC..
Ex Tax:৳40.00
Model: 0646-16000-28-
Product DescriptionPart NO.:TC74HC125AP(F)Package:14-DIPDescription:IC BUFF/DVR QUAD N-INV 14DIPSupplier:SICSTOCKLogic Type:Buffer/Line Driver, Non-InvertingNumber of Elements:4Number of Bits per Element:1Current - Output High, Low:7.8mA, 7.8mAVoltage - Supply:2 V ~ 6 VOperating Temperature:-40°C ~ ..
Ex Tax:৳25.00
Model: 0651-20000-32-
Product Description Part NO.:CD74HC139EPackage:16-PDIPDescription:IC 2-4LN DUAL DECOD/DEMUX 16 DIPSupplier:SICSTOCKType:Decoder/DemultiplexerCircuit:1 x 2:4Independent Circuits:2Current - Output High, Low:5.2mA, 5.2mAVoltage Supply Source:Single SupplyVoltage ..
Ex Tax:৳30.00
Model: 0649-28000-40-
74145 / 74HC145 / 74LS145 Decoder Driver DIP 16..
Ex Tax:৳40.00
Model: 0655-18000-25-
Product Description Part NO.:74HC151N,652Package:16-DIPDescription:IC MUX 8-INPUT 16-DIPSupplier:SICSTOCKType:MultiplexerCircuit:1 x 8:1Independent Circuits:1Current - Output High, Low:5.2mA, 5.2mAVoltage Supply Source:Single SupplyVoltage - Supply:2 V ~ 6 VOp..
Ex Tax:৳32.00
Model: 0647-40000-11-
Product Description:Part NO.:74HC154N,652Package:24-DIPDescription:IC DECODER/DEMUX 4-16 LINE 24DIPSupplier:SICSTOCKType:Decoder/DemultiplexerCircuit:1 x 4:16Independent Circuits:1Current - Output High, Low:5.2mA, 5.2mAVoltage Supply Source:Single SupplyVoltage - Supply:2 V ~ 6 VOperating Temperatur..
Ex Tax:৳55.00
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