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Shield & Driver boards

We offer high-quality shield boards and driver boards for Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and other microcontroller projects. The shield board is used to mount the driver board, which contains the microcontroller and other electronic components. The shield board is the core of your robot. It's where all the components are attached, and it's the brains of the operation.

Model: 4111-70000-6-B/25
Specification:Supporting the D1 MINIArduino compatible, programming with for Arduino IDE.11 the XI/O pins1 XADC pin (0-3.3 - V)Package:1x BMP180 Shield Temperature Barometric Pressure Sensor Module FOR D1 Mini WIFI Extension Board..
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Model: 1264-75000-3-B/7
Description:If jumper is hit the position of ON DP,that means 16 segment (4988) or 32 segment (8825)Jm connected motorJv connect 5v and 12v-24v power supplyJc E, S, D, G, respectively corresponding to the connectionof the Enable/Step/Dir/Gnd drive signal outputPackage:1x 3D Printer A4988 DRV8825 Ste..
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Model: 0996-36000-3-
Feature:1. Full support for MACH3 and other computer software that supports parallel port control.2, USB power supply and peripheral power supply are separated to ensure computer security.3, the peripheral wide voltage input, 12-24V, and anti-reverse function.4. All input signals are isolated by opt..
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Model: 2878-14000-5-B-38
The WeMos D1 Mini TP5410 Lithium Battery Charging And Boost Shield is designed to charge a Lithium battery connected to its XH2.54 connector. Please note that most hobby Lithium batteries ship with a JST-PH connector, which isn't the same as the one on this board! The design also includes a M..
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Model: 0513-20350-0-
Product DescriptionUsing only two I2C pins, control 16 free-running PWM outputs! You can even stack up 62 shields to control up to 992 PWM outputs (which we would really like to see since it would be glorious and like 4 feet tall) Because I2C is a shared bus you can also connect other I2C devices an..
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Model: 2244-13000-5-B-44
Specifications:1 reset button, 1 general use button, and 2 LED circuits can be used directly.5V, GND, and Raw pins are exposed as well.SOIC place for IC.The mini breadboard has 170 tie points.The breadboard sticks on the prototype shield with its self-adhesive backing.Prototype Size:7cm x 5.5cm x 2c..
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Model: 4069-18000-4-B/44
Sensor Shield V5.0 Electric Module Expansion Board for Arduino Uno R3 is a sensor shield favourable for interfacing various peripherals for the operation with arduino. It is best used as a shield with Arduino Uno.Specification:Material: MetalDimension: Approx. 57 x 57 x 19mm / 2.2" x 2.2" x 0.7Descr..
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Model: 1286-45000-4-W-14
Specifications:Compatibility: As it uses SPI pins of ICSP interface, compatible with Arduino R3 / Arduino Mega2560, can change to the bootloader burner when it is directly plugged onto the two boards.Operating voltage: 5VOperating current: 500mA (max)Arduino board to be burned: support Arduino R3 / ..
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Model: 2982-228.6-1-B-23
Description:Made of high-quality material, durable, firm and has a long service life.With this Ethernet Shield, your board can be used to connect to internet.Comes with efficient library and examples. It can work as server or client.Direct plug puzzle board, NO soldering needed.Easy and simple to in..
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Model: 0914-24000-1-B-44
Specification:Based on ESP-8266EXfor Arduino compatible, using for Arduino IDE to program11 x I / O pins1 x ADC pin (input range of 0-3.3V)Support OTA wireless uploadOnboard 5V 1A Switching Power Supply (highest input voltage 24V)After installing the hardware package, the direct use of for Arduino I..
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Model: 3843-18000-4-W-36
HighlightsBrand new and high qualityShock AbsorberSuit for different open source CC3D flight controllerSpecificationGeneralTypeShock AbsorberModelUL27300 Demension/WeightDemension: 52 x 52 x 12mmNet weight: 12 gPackage weight:22 gCompatible CC3D Flight Control QuadcopterPackage Contents1 x..
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High-Speed WiFi Shield Module For Arduino High-Speed WiFi Shield Module For Arduino
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Model: 4094-00000-1-
This Wifi Shield - EiFi utilizes a WizFi210 wifi module to provide your Arduino/Freaduino with Serial Ethernet's function. It provides the bridging from TTL serial port communication to IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless communication. So any device with TTL serial ports can easily be connected with this Wifi..
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