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1-Digit 16-Segment Alphanumeric LED Display
Model: 0866-25000
Specifications:Color: RED Common Pin:Common AnodeCurrent - Test:20mADigit/Alpha Size:0.80" (20.32mm)Display Type:16-Segment, AlphanumericMillicandela Rating:27mcdNumber of Characters:1Package / Case:18-DIP (0.600", 15.24mm)Packaging:TubePower Dissipation (Max):75mWSize / Dimension:1.091" H..
Ex Tax:৳56.00
Model: 3283-30000
0.56-inch 7-segment LEDs3 Digits, Static, Red,Forward Voltage: 1.8V12 pins. Pitch: standard 0.1″ (2.54mm).Common Pin:Common Anode..
Ex Tax:৳40.00
Model: 3280-30000
0.56-inch 7-segment LEDs3 Digits, Static, Red,Forward Voltage: 1.8V12 pins. Pitch: standard 0.1″ (2.54mm).Common Pin:Common Cathode..
Ex Tax:৳40.00
Model: 2093-30000
This 7 segment battery Display LED can be used as an LED bar graph to display power.It has a compact footprint and simple hookup, making it easy for prototyping or finished products.Essentially, they are 5 individual red LEDs with 1 green battery shaped LED surrounding them...
Ex Tax:৳61.00
Model: 2445-25000
Clock led display with middle colon; DIP(through-hole)0.56 inch four digit numeric display with rectangular segments; multiplexing internal circuit PCB. Features:                               1. 14.2 mm (0.56inch) digit high..
Ex Tax:৳61.00
Model: 2573-13000
Description:The module is based on a decimal point display module, it displays four digital tube (0.36 inches), and driver IC is TM1637, only two signal lines can make MCU control four Digit 8-segment LED. Can be used to display decimal, letters and so on.Feature:- Compatible with Arduino UNO, MEGA2..
Ex Tax:৳245.00
7 segment LED Display 1 Digit 70x50 mm
Model: 2584-00000
7 segment LED Display 1 Digit 70x50 mmModel : SEA2416NKFeatures:0.50″(inch) digit height.Excellent segment uniformity.Sold state reliability.Industrial standard size.Low power consumption.The product itself will remain within RoHS compliant Version. Descriptions:Model : SEA2416NKThe DL1-501 ser..
Ex Tax:৳133.00
Model: 2585-14000
7 segment LED Display 3 Digit 40x20 mmModel: HS320561K..
Ex Tax:৳29.00
Model: 1061-7.500
Common Anode 7-segment LED Display..
Ex Tax:৳10.00
Model: 1060-60000
Common Cathode 7-segment LED DisplayModel : 5161AS..
Ex Tax:৳10.00
Model: 3282-39.27
Brand Name:TMOECDisplay function:TimeModel Number:SKU020620Tube chip color:Red..
Ex Tax:৳100.00
Model: 1100-25000
Led Matrix 8x8, 20x20 mm,..
Ex Tax:৳61.00
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