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Digital Temperature controller module w1401 dc 12v intelligent

Digital Temperature controller module w1401 dc 12v intelligent


  • Imported high-speed microcontroller, precise Intelligent Control
  • Three window display at a glance
  • Setting is simple, easy to operate
  • Wide Range -9 ~ 99 ℃ arbitrarily set
  • Space for a variety of temperature control, temperature control, incubators, etc.


  • Temperature range: -9-99 ℃
  • Accuracy: 1 ℃
  • Control accuracy: 1 ℃
  • Setting Range: -9-99 ℃
  • Refresh rate: 0.5S
  • Input Power: DC12V
  • Output: relay output, capacity 220V 10A / 12V 10A
  • Environmental requirements: -10-60 centigrade
  • Humidity: 20% -85%
  • Temperature sensor: NTC(3950-10k 1%)


Connect the power supply and equipment to the controller power is displayed as a measure temperature, set up according to their needs STAR or STOP, the thermostat 10A relay outputs to meet a variety of high-power loads, connect the control circuit, for the thermostat to power

Start indicator, LED and buzzer status description:

Start indicator: START (red) indicator light, said the relay is closed, the machine starts to work

Stop lights: STOP (green) light is on, the relay is lost, the device stops working

Digital tube: middle red LED display for the current temperature detected

                       Green LED on the left to set the start temperature

                       Right side of the green LED is set to stop temperature


START "▲ ▼" to set the starting temperature

STOP "▲ ▼" set the stop temperature

Hot start - cooling mode

When setting the start temperature value> stop temperature, when the detected temperature ≥ start temperature, the relay is closed, refrigeration equipment work; when the detected temperature ≤ stop temperature, the relay off, refrigeration equipment stops working. For example: Set the start temperature is 30 ℃, stop temperature is 25 ℃, when the detected temperature ≥30 ℃, the relay is closed, start indicator (red) light; when the detected temperature ≤25 ℃, the relay off, stop instruction light (green) light.

Cold start - heating mode

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