18DOF Hexapod robot

Model: 1263


2WD Smart Robot Car Chassis | Two Wheel Drive Robot Car Chassis

Model: 0294

What is " 2WD Smart Robot Car Chassis Two Wheel Drive Robot Car Chassis " ? The 2WD Smart Robot C..

4 Wheel Robot Chassis Kit for Smart Car

Model: 0296

What is 4 Wheel Robot Chassis Smart Car Kit ? This is a Longer version of 4 WD double-layer sm..


80 MM Rubber wheel car tires chassis Motor Robot (1PCS)

Model: 4681

This 85mm Rubber Wheel Car Tire Chassis Motor Robot is a versatile component designed for robotics a..

Arduino Robot Line Follower with Obstacle Avoidance

Model: 1204

The robot will be constructed using components such as the Arduino Uno/Nano, a 4-wheel chassis, son..

Car Robot Wheel Plastic Tire (85mm)

Model: 2370

This is an 85MM Large Robot Smart Car Wheel, 38MM Width Surface Blue. The wheel is made up of high-..

G6 Robot Arm Kit Metal Robot Arm Gripper Mechanical Claw, Clamp With High Torque Servo

Model: 6177

Features: Material: Hard aluminum alloy, ensuring durability and longevity. Weight: Approxim..

Line Following Robot Kit with Arduino

Model: 3689


Mini 22MM Planetary Gearbox Gear Motor DC12V 86RPM Slow Speed Large Torque Micro Reduction Motor Hall Sensor DIY Robot ( Refurbished )

Model: 4673

This Mini 22MM Planetary Gearbox Gear Motor is a compact yet robust motor suitable for a variety of ..


Robot Wheel for BO Motors RC Car

Model: 0496
৳65.00 ৳67.00


Slamtec RPLIDAR A1 2D 360 degree 12 meters scanning radius lidar sensor A1M8 scanner for robot navigates and avoids obstacles

Model: 6156

The Slamtec RPLIDAR A1 is a low-cost 360-degree laser range scanner (LIDAR) solution developed by Sl..

Soccer Robot Car Chassis Metal Shield / Mask Kit For Smart Soccer Car

Model: 6130

Body: Lasure cut 1.2mm SS Size: 7" L, 7" W, 4.5" H, Without Slop. Standard size for any robo-socc..

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