MCU and Computer kits

Discover different types varieties of microcontrollers, computer and development boards like Arduino, Raspberry pi, beaglebone, banana pi, orange pi and others. Different Types of Microcontrollers and Single boards computers are very demanding products in the electronics market and day day, the usage of microcontrollers and single board computers are rising.

Arduino Esplora Generic

Model: 2387


Arduino Due R3

Model: 1098


Arduino Mega 2560 ADK

Model: 1097


Arduino Mega 2560 R3 ( CH340 ) Made in China

Model: 0265
৳1,499.00 ৳1,355.00

The "Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Made in China (CH340)", a versatile microcontroller board ideal for a wide..

Arduino Nano ATmega328p (High Quality)

Model: 0268

The Arduino Nano ATmega328p is a versatile microcontroller board widely used for prototyping, educat..

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