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৫০০ টাকার বেশি অর্ডার করলে হ্যান্ডেলিং ফি ফ্রি


Model: 4029-12000-15-
On-board micro-precision current transformerOnboard sampling resistorModules 5A can be measured within an alternating current, the analog output corre..
Ex Tax:৳245.00
Model: 4028-10.25-37-B/6
Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistorElectrical Characteristicsresistance value: R (25 ° C) = 100K ± 1%B value: B = 3950 ± 1%Insulation re..
Ex Tax:৳20.00
Model: 4027-18000-5-B/2
Product features:Material: Aluminum; Durable and virtually.Teeth: 40T; Bore: 5 mm;Diameter: 27mm;For 6 /7mm width belt;40 contact with the tooth side ..
Ex Tax:৳320.00
Model: 4026-20000-7-B/1
Material: RubberWidth:10mmModel:GT2Length: 1Feet (12 Inch)Belt is rubber, fiberglass reinforced, 10mm Width Timing Synchronous Belt For 3D printerThe ..
Ex Tax:৳50.00
Model: 4025-80000-8-B/1
উপাদান: রাবার PUপ্রস্থ: 6 মিমিদৈর্ঘ্য: 158 মিমিপ্যাকেজ অন্তর্ভুক্ত: 1 পিসি..
Ex Tax:৳120.00
Model: 4024-14200-2-B/15
Specifications:Dimensions:  24mm x20mm x9.8mmWeight:  G.W 29gBattery:  ExcludeInput Voltage:  5V/3.3VFeaturesDetects conductance o..
Ex Tax:৳1,500.00
LM7915 -15V voltage regulator
New -16 %
Model: 4023-90000-28-
Specifications:Package type: TO-220Output current up to 1.5AInternally short circuit protected.Internally overload protectionOverheat protection circu..
৳21.00 ৳25.00
Ex Tax:৳21.00
LM7905 L7905CV L7905 7905 -5V 1.5A Negative Voltage Regulator IC TO-220 Package
New -6 %
Model: 4022-90000-35-
Specifications:5V Negative Voltage RegulatorOutput Voltage: -5VOutput  Current: 1.5AMinimum Input Voltage is 7VMaximum Input Voltage is 25VOperat..
৳17.00 ৳18.00
Ex Tax:৳17.00
New -5 %
Model: 4021-53000-0-
Features:Ultrafast 25 and 50 Nanosecond Recovery Time175°C Operating Junction TemperatureEpoxy Meets UL 94 V−0 @ 0.125 inLow Forward VoltageLow Leakag..
৳118.00 ৳124.00
Ex Tax:৳118.00
L7810 10V Voltage Regulator
New -18 %
Model: 4020-90000-10-
Specifications:Output current up to 1.5 AOutput voltages of 10 VThermal overload protectionShort circuit protectionOutput transition SOA protection2 %..
৳18.00 ৳22.00
Ex Tax:৳18.00
New -14 %
Model: 4019-12000-10-
Features:Wide supply voltage range 3.0V to 15VHigh noise immunity 0.45 VDD typ.Low power TTL Fan out of 2 driving 74Lcompatibility or 1 driving 74LSCD..
৳32.00 ৳37.00
Ex Tax:৳32.00
Model: 4018-12000-18-
Specifications:Package TO-220-3Voltage Output (V)(Min/Fixed) -12Output Current 1 AOutput Type FixedPackage:1x IC 7912T -12V 1A Negative Voltage R..
Ex Tax:৳25.00


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