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MJ15025G PNP Transistor

MJ15025G PNP Transistor
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PNP Power Transistors, ON Semiconductor


Manufacturer Part Nos with NSV prefix are automotive qualified to AEC-Q101 standard.

Bipolar Transistors, ON Semiconductor

A wide range of Bipolar Transistors from ON Semiconductor, which includes the following categories:

Small-Signal Transistors
Power Transistors
Dual Transistors
Darlington Pairs
High-Voltage Transistors
RF Transistors
Bipolar/FET Transistors

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Transistor TypePNP
Maximum DC Collector Current16 A
Maximum Collector Emitter Voltage250 V
Package TypeTO-204
Mounting TypeThrough Hole
Maximum Power Dissipation250 W
Minimum DC Current Gain5
Transistor ConfigurationSingle
Maximum Collector Base Voltage400 V
Maximum Emitter Base Voltage5 V
Maximum Operating Frequency4 MHz
Pin Count3
Number of Elements per Chip1
Maximum Operating Temperature+200 °C
Dimensions8.51 x 39.37 x 26.67mm
Minimum Operating Temperature-65 °C
Maximum Collector Emitter Saturation Voltage4 V

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