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Model: 4029-12000-15-
On-board micro-precision current transformerOnboard sampling resistorModules 5A can be measured within an alternating current, the analog output corre..
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Model: 4028-10.25-37-B/6
Negative temperature coefficient (NTC) thermistorElectrical Characteristicsresistance value: R (25 ° C) = 100K ± 1%B value: B = 3950 ± 1%Insulation re..
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Model: 4027-18000-5-B/2
Product features:Material: Aluminum; Durable and virtually.Teeth: 40T; Bore: 5 mm;Diameter: 27mm;For 6 /7mm width belt;40 contact with the tooth side ..
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Model: 4026-20000-7-B/1
Material: RubberWidth:10mmModel:GT2Length: 1Feet (12 Inch)Belt is rubber, fiberglass reinforced, 10mm Width Timing Synchronous Belt For 3D printerThe ..
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Model: 4025-80000-8-B/1
উপাদান: রাবার PUপ্রস্থ: 6 মিমিদৈর্ঘ্য: 158 মিমিপ্যাকেজ অন্তর্ভুক্ত: 1 পিসি..
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Model: 4024-14200-2-B/15
Specifications:Dimensions:  24mm x20mm x9.8mmWeight:  G.W 29gBattery:  ExcludeInput Voltage:  5V/3.3VFeaturesDetects conductance o..
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LM7915 -15V voltage regulator
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Model: 4023-90000-28-
Specifications:Package type: TO-220Output current up to 1.5AInternally short circuit protected.Internally overload protectionOverheat protection circu..
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LM7905 L7905CV L7905 7905 -5V 1.5A Negative Voltage Regulator IC TO-220 Package
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Model: 4022-90000-35-
Specifications:5V Negative Voltage RegulatorOutput Voltage: -5VOutput  Current: 1.5AMinimum Input Voltage is 7VMaximum Input Voltage is 25VOperat..
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Model: 4021-53000-0-
Features:Ultrafast 25 and 50 Nanosecond Recovery Time175°C Operating Junction TemperatureEpoxy Meets UL 94 V−0 @ 0.125 inLow Forward VoltageLow Leakag..
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L7810 10V Voltage Regulator
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Model: 4020-90000-10-
Specifications:Output current up to 1.5 AOutput voltages of 10 VThermal overload protectionShort circuit protectionOutput transition SOA protection2 %..
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Model: 4019-12000-10-
Features:Wide supply voltage range 3.0V to 15VHigh noise immunity 0.45 VDD typ.Low power TTL Fan out of 2 driving 74Lcompatibility or 1 driving 74LSCD..
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Model: 4018-12000-18-
Specifications:Package TO-220-3Voltage Output (V)(Min/Fixed) -12Output Current 1 AOutput Type FixedPackage:1x IC 7912T -12V 1A Negative Voltage R..
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BD243 BD-243 BD 243 NPN Transistor 100V 6A 65W Silicon NPN Power Transistors TO-220 3 Pin Switching Amplifiers Transistors
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Model: 4017-14000-10-
Specifications:Type – NPNCollector-Emitter Voltage: 45 VCollector-Base Voltage: 45 VEmitter-Base Voltage: 5 VCollector Current: 6 ACollector Dissipati..
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Model: 4016-16000-1-
AD620 Features & Specifications:Power Supply Range: ±2.3 V to ±18 VMax Supply Current: 1.3 mAInput Offset Voltage: 50 μVBandwidth:120 kHzInput Off..
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Model: 4015-10000-94-
Specifications:Plastic casing NPN TransistorContinuous Collector current (IC) is 1.5ACollector-Emitter voltage (VCE) is 80 VCollector-Base voltage (VC..
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CA3140 General Purpose Op-Amp IC
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Model: 4014-20000-11-
Specifications:Supply Voltage: 4V to 36 VOutput Current per Channel: 40 mAGBP - Gain Bandwidth Product: 4.5 MHzSR - Slew Rate: 9 V/usCMRR - Common Mod..
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CA3130 MOSFET Op-Amp
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Model: 4013-30000-13-
Specifications:Op-amp coupled with MOSFET at outputWide power supply RangeSinge supply – 5V to 16VDual supply – ±2.5V to ±8VInput Terminal current: 1m..
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CD4060 14-Stage Binary Counter IC
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Model: 4012-12000-18-
Specifications:14-bit Binary Counter/DividerCounting range: 0 to 16383 (In decimal)Operating Voltage: 3V to 18VNominal Voltage: 5V, 10V, 15VSource cur..
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CD4033 4033 DIP 16 Pin IC
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Model: 4011-15000-10-
Specifications:DC Supply Voltage: -0.5V to +20VDC Input Current: 10mAOperating Temperature Range: -55°C to +125°CFeatures:Operative in high voltage as..
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 KA7910 7910 L7910 LM7910 Linear Negative Voltage Regulator
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Model: 4010-35000-32-
Specifications:Mounting Style: Through Hole Package / Case: TO-220-3 Number of Outputs: 1 Output Polarity: Negative Output Voltage: - 10 V Output Curr..
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L7909CV TO220 L7909 TO-220 7909 LM7909 MC7909 voltage regulator
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Model: 4009-15000-23-
Specification:Output current up to 1.5 AOutput voltages: -5, -8, -12, and -5 VThermal overload protectionShort-circuit protectionOutput SOA protection..
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Model: 4008-16000-2-
Specification:Factory calibrated to ±1%Software selectable frequency range of 8 MHz to 32 kHzSoftware tunableTwo-Speed Start-Up modeFail-safe clock mo..
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Model: 4007-15000-18-
Mounting Style: SMD/SMT Package / Case: SOIC-8 Interface Type: 2-Wire, I2C Memory Size: 4 kbit Organization: 512 x 8 Supply Voltage - Min: 2.7 V Suppl..
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Model: 4006-50000-20-
Type Designator: BC109Material of Transistor: SiPolarity: NPNMaximum Collector Power Dissipation (Pc): 0.3 WMaximum Collector-Base Voltage |Vcb|: 30 V..
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Model: 4005-15000-0-
Features:High-Voltage Types (20V Rating)Dual 4-Input OR GateMedium Speed Operation: - tPHL, tPLH = 60ns (typ) at 10V100% Tested for Quiescent Cur..
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Model: 4004-45000-9-
28 Pin ZIF Socket – Wide -228These Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) sockets clamp onto a chip, making a good electrical connection when you push the lever d..
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Model: 4003-80000-6-
Specifications:Product Name : On Off Switch;Action Type : Momentary;Material : Plastic, Metal;Color : Red, Black, Silver TonePoles : SPSTRating Voltag..
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Model: 1549-40000-4-B-20
Specifications:Chip Used: PL-2303HX7Input Voltage: 3.3 V / 5 VCompatible with Windows XP, Win7, Win8Support USB 1.1 / USB 2.0 / USB 3.0 communica..
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Model: 4002-60000-52-B-01
1. Length can be customized! ! !Please write the remarks: Length Continuous.(e.g.: I need 9M length of cable, so I add the choice of “length 1M” 4 tim..
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Filament PLA+ 1.75, SUNLU PLA+ 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm (white) Filament PLA+ 1.75, SUNLU PLA+ 3D Printer Filament 1.75mm (white)
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Model: 4001-14500-4-
Specifications:Diameter Format: 1.75mmPrint Temp.: 210-235℃Tolerance: ±0.02mmPrint Speed: 50-100mm/sPlatform Temp: Depends on the structure: No need o..
৳1,600.00 ৳1,750.00
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Model: 4000-21000-0-
Specifications:Type: RollerStructure: TaperApplicable Industries: Hotels, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Energy & Mining, Advertising CompanyBrand N..
Ex Tax:৳260.00
Model: 3999-22200-0-
Specifications:Type: RollerStructure: TaperApplicable Industries: Hotels, Farms, Restaurant, Home Use, Energy & Mining, Advertising CompanyBrand N..
Ex Tax:৳290.00
Model: 3998-14500-3-
Specifications:Diameter Format: 1.75mmPrint Temp.: 210-235℃Tolerance: ±0.02mmPrint Speed: 50-100mm/sPlatform Temp: Depends on the structure: No need o..
Ex Tax:৳1,750.00
Model: 3997-73000-2-RAK 2
ModelS-400-24Package Dimensions24.38 x 13.34 x 7.62 cm;Item model number24V 10a POWER SUPPLYOperating SystemNoneAudio Wattage500 WattsWattage400 Watts..
Ex Tax:৳899.00
Model: 3996-70000-7-
Specifications:Model:  USB 2.0 Type-A Male to Type-A FemaleType: Extension CableConnector Type:  (End 1)USB MaleConnector Type : (End 2)USB ..
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Model: 3995-15000-46-
Specifications:Switch Type: Standard RockerBrand: HSDCurrent Rating: 10ASwitch Function: Three Position (Center OFF)Material/Body: PlasticIlluminated:..
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Model: 3994-19000-0-
Specifications:Model: Diameter 8mm Linear Round Shaft RodMaterial: GCr15 45#Steel (GRADE : B)Hardness: HRC62±2Accuracy G6 H6Length: 700mmDiameter: 8mm..
Ex Tax:৳260.00
Model: 3993-30000-190-
Specifications:Product Name : Tact Switch;Contact Type : Momentary Contact Dimension : 6 x 6 x5mm/0.24″ x 0.24″ x 0.20″ (L*W*H);Button Dia. : 3.5mm/ 0..
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Red Volcano 5200mah 11.1V 3S lipo Battery Red Volcano 5200mah 11.1V 3S lipo Battery
New -9 %
Model: 3992-26000-2-
Package:Model Name: Red VolcanoVoltage: 11.1VCapacity: 5200mahCell Type: Li-polymerConfigurations: 3SContinuous Discharge Rate: 35CMax Burst Rate: 70C..
৳3,190.00 ৳3,500.00
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Model: 3991-37000-1-B/11
Introduction:keyestudio HX711 module adopts hx711 24-bit high precision A/D converter chip, a chip specially designed for high precision electronic sc..
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F450 Quadcopter Advanced Drone Kit ( All in one )
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Brand: FlySky Model: 3990-00000-1-
Package:1x Propeller 1045 Props CW/CCW (1Pair)1x RED Propeller 1045 Props CW/CCW (1pair)1x F450 QUADCOPTER FRAME WITH INTEGRATED PDB1x&..
৳17,999.00 ৳18,220.00
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Model: 3989-65000-6-B/11
Specifications:Capacity (Kg): 50.Output Sensitivity (mv/v): 1.0±0.1.Nonlinearity (%FS): 0.03.Repeatability (%FS): 0.03.Input Resistance (Ω): 1000.Insu..
Ex Tax:৳130.00
4pcs 50kg Half-bridge strain gauge Load Cell Body Scale Weighting Sensor Amplifier+ 1pcs HX711 AD Weight Module Geekstory 4pcs 50kg Half-bridge strain gauge Load Cell Body Scale Weighting Sensor Amplifier+ 1pcs HX711 AD Weight Module Geekstory
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Model: 3988-35000-0-
This load sensor, sometimes called a strain gauge, is the same one found in digital bathroom scales. The sensor is a group of half-bridge strain gauge..
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Model: 3987-42000-9-
Features:-Complete Pulse Oximeter and Heart-Rate Sensor Solution Simplifies Design Integrated LEDs, Photo Sensor, and High-Performance Analog Front -E..
Ex Tax:৳550.00
Model: 3985-30000-1-
Specifications:AVR series single-chip high speed programmingPIC series 8-bit microcontroller programmingSerial 24/25/35/45/93 series programmingHigh-p..
Ex Tax:৳4,100.00
Model: 3984-12000-2-
Specifications:Model: GY-652The use of chip: HMC5983 + BMP180Power supply :3-5v (internal low dropout regulator)Communication modes: standard IIC comm..
Ex Tax:৳1,450.00
Model: 3983-80000-2-
Specifications:Target temperature range :-40°C ~ 115 °CSensor temperature range :-40° C ~ 85 °CMeasurement accuracy :0.5 °C (0-50 degrees)Resolution :..
Ex Tax:৳1,120.00
Model: 3982-70000-3-
Specifications:Model: GY-VL53L0XUsing chip: VL53L0XPower supply: 2.8-5vCommunication mode: IIC communication protocol (fully compatible with 3-5v syst..
Ex Tax:৳1,100.00
Brand: XBee Model: 3981-21000-1-
Specification:3.3V @ 40mA250kbps Max data rate2mW output (+3dBm)120m rangeBuilt-in wire antennaFully FCC certified6 10-bit ADC input pins8 digital IO ..
Ex Tax:৳2,400.00
Model: 3980-42000-1-
Specification:MPUChipset: MT7688ANCore: MIPS24KEcClock Speed: 580MHzWorking Voltage: 3.3VMCUChipset: ATmega32U4Core: Atmel AVRClock Speed: 8MHzWorking..
Ex Tax:৳4,500.00
Model: 3979-18000-2-
Specification:Driver: 1351Interface: 4-wire SPI, 3-wire SPIDisplay color: RGB, 65K colorsResolution: 128x128Viewing angle: >160°Operating voltage: ..
Ex Tax:৳2,200.00
Model: 3978-90000-1-
Specifications:Based on Ai-Thinker A6 moduleQuad-band module: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz5V power supply (It has a 3.3V regulator on the card)Maximum curren..
Ex Tax:৳935.00
Model: 3977-20000-1-B-21
Specifications:PCB size: 53 mm X 48mm X 1.6mm Voltage Input: 5-18V Quad-band 850/900/1800/1900MHz GPRS multi-slot class12 connectivity:..
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Ex Tax:৳3,250.00
Model: 3976-25000-1-
Specifications:Panel Model:  MGLS128128-58CPanel Type:  TFT-LCDResolution:  128*128Package:1x 128*128 MGLS128128-58C LCD PANEL..
Ex Tax:৳2,999.00
Model: 3975-25000-4-
Specifications:Display Size: 1.5inResolution: 128*128Driver IC: SSD1351Interface Type: Serial Peripheral Interface/68XX-Series/80XX-Series interfacePi..
Ex Tax:৳479.00
LCD Joystick Shield v2.0 LCD4884 Expansion Board for Arduino LCD 4884 LCD Joystick Shield v2.0 LCD4884 Expansion Board for Arduino LCD 4884
Model: 3974-80000-1-
LCD4884 LCD Joystick Shield v2.0 LCD4884 LCD expansion board with Nokia 5110 LCD screen for display. SPI interface, the maximum saving I / O resources..
Ex Tax:৳0.00
Model: 3973-00000-7-
Specification:Input Voltage: 5V DCOutput Voltage: 1.9~3.6 DCCurrent: 12.3 mAIt’s for 8 Pin NRF24L01+ ModuleA simple socket board which is for NRF24L01..
Ex Tax:৳228.00
Model: 3972-00000-4-
Specifications:Current : 6 A - 36 AModel : LJ18A3-8-Z / BXDetection distance : 8mmRange detection :  0,5Hz (0,5 sec)Output : NPNLength connecor :..
Ex Tax:৳570.00
Model: 3971-80000-0-
Specification:Fuselage length: 900mmWingspan: 720mmColor: Camouflage BlueFrame Thickness: 3mmComponent: High Quality Depron Board (Flexible and durabl..
৳950.00 ৳990.00
Ex Tax:৳950.00
Model: 3970-80000-1-
Specification:Fuselage length: 900mmWingspan: 720mmFrame Thickness: 3mmComponent: High-Quality Depron Board (Flexible and durable)Recommend parts:Moto..
৳950.00 ৳990.00
Ex Tax:৳950.00
Model: 3969-43000-0-
Features:With good solder-ability, insulation resistance, no spattering and non-corrosive .Low melting point, was being used iron soldering.With brigh..
Ex Tax:৳480.00
Model: 3968-42000-2-
DescriptionThe LDT0-028K is a flexible component comprising a 28 μm thick piezoelectric PVDF polymer film with screen-printed Ag-ink electrodes, lamin..
Ex Tax:৳550.00
Model: 3965-29000-1-
Product Description:Product Type: Clamp Meter3 1/2 digits LCDMax. reading 1999Data-Hold FunctionLow battery indicationPlug-in insulation tester adapte..
Ex Tax:৳399.00
Model: 3964-38000-10-
Features:Female Mini-B USB BreakoutAll 5 pins are broken outPinout Spacing: 2.54mm / 0.1″Works with Male Header Pins or can be soldered directly to wi..
Ex Tax:৳48.00
Model: 3963-10200-3-B-20
Specifications:[IC] : SX1278[Frequency] : 410~441MHz[Power] : 10~20dBm[Distance] : 3.0km - 8.0km[Interface] : UART[Weight] : 6.3±0.1g[introduction] : ..
Ex Tax:৳1,460.00
Model: 3962-25000-2-
Specifications:Model: AD101-22AM Type: LED Indicator with AmmeterInput voltage: AC/DCMeasurement: 0-100AIndicates the color: Red/Green/Yellow/Blu..
Ex Tax:৳350.00
Model: 3961-11000-2-
Specifications:Load Current: 60ALoad Voltage  (Output Voltage): 24-480VACControl Voltage  (Input Voltage): 3-32VDCControl Current: DC: 3-25m..
Ex Tax:৳1,498.00
Model: 3960-14000-2-
Specifications:Model: GM86Material: ABSInput Voltage: AC 220VInput Current: 10A MAXOperating Temperature: 0 ~ 45 Degree CelsiusSize: 121*63*20mmStanda..
Ex Tax:৳1,999.00
Model: 3959-27000-3-
Description:Working voltage: AC 220VRegulation voltage: AC 10-220Vpower: 4000W (resistive load)Efficiency: 90%Dimensions: 85 x 55 x 38MMNote: You must..
Ex Tax:৳499.00
Model: 3958-18000-1-
TRRS connectors are the audio-style connectors that you see on some phones, MP3 players and development boards. TRRS stands for “Tip, Ring, Ring, Slee..
Ex Tax:৳45.00
Model: 3957-21000-5-
Specification:Material: metal, plasticColor: black and blackSize: 19 x 20 x 18 mm (L x W x H)Input voltage: DC3.6V-6VInput Current: 1.5AOutput voltage..
Ex Tax:৳290.00
Model: 3956-23000-18-
Description:- The two dimensions of the strap is : 2cm*30cm- Suitable for:EPP/KT/EPO/four axes; 450-700 level straightPackage include:1pcs x Cable Tie..
Ex Tax:৳45.00
Model: 3955-21000-8-
Features:Dual-port independent output, support protocol: QC2.0, QC3.0, MTK PE1.1/2.0, FOR Apple, FOR Samsung AFC,FOR Huawei FCP, FOR Spreadtrum SFCPIn..
Ex Tax:৳420.00
Model: 3954-75000-2-
Specifications:Item Type: Infrared Temperature Sensor ModuleMaterial: electronic componentsSize: 16.5x11.5mm/0.6x0.4inColor: As shownOptional Type:GY-..
Ex Tax:৳1,049.00
Model: 3953-85000-10-
Specifications:Product name: interface converterProduct number: XY-USB4Working voltage: DC 5VWorking temperature range: -20 ℃ ~ 85 ℃Operating humidity..
Ex Tax:৳120.00
Model: 3952-63000-5-
Description:A adapter module for ESP-07 Wi-Fi module. 3.3V voltage regulator circuit and onboard level conversion circuit can make 5V microcontroller ..
Ex Tax:৳860.00
Model: 3951-22000-5-
Features:Supply Voltage: 2.7v-5.5v @ 3mA currentOutput: 2Vpp on 1.25V biasFrequency Response: 20Hz 20KHzProgrammable Attack and Release RatioAutomatic..
Ex Tax:৳440.00
Model: 3950-28000-5-
Specification:Material: plastic + electronic componentsProduct detailed size: 17mmX12mm/0.67x0.47inchDigitally programmable frequency and phase12.65 m..
Ex Tax:৳469.00
Brand: Arduino Model: 3949-57000-5-
Specifications:Product Category: Arduino Main BoardSherry: NRF24l01 V3.0Microcontroller: ATmega328PStructure: AVROperating voltage: 5VFlash drive: 32 ..
Ex Tax:৳900.00
Model: 3948-29000-5-
Product Features:Fully compatible with the original electrical interface and physical interface for the serial transparent bluetooth;Built-in the indu..
Ex Tax:৳399.00
Model: 3947-29000-3-
Specification:Product name: DC step-down module ConverterVoltage regulating mode: PWM modulationInput voltage: DC4-40VOutput voltage: DC1.25-36VMax ou..
Ex Tax:৳420.00
Model: 3946-95000-5-
Specifications:Model:SMI-12VDC-SL-2CContact Form: DPDTTwo Open And Two ClosedContact Rating:5A 250VAC MaxCoil Voltage & Current: 12VDC & 45mAS..
Ex Tax:৳149.00
Model: 3945-13000-5-
Component features:Coil Voltage: 12VDCCoil Resistance: 1,44 kohmContact Configuration: DPDTContact Current: 8AContact Voltage VAC: 250VRelay Mounting:..
Ex Tax:৳225.00
Model: 3967-33000-1-
Product parameters:Imported electrical special 220V turn to 110V power supply voltage conversion transformerProduct Name: 2000W Transformer Input..
Ex Tax:৳3,900.00