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(ZFM60) Fingerprint Recognition Module

(ZFM60) Fingerprint Recognition Module

  • Description 

ZFM-60 integrated optical fingerprint module is a ultra-low power module with touch-sensitive.

ZFM-60 is very effective fingerprint module.This biometric fingerprint module can be powered with DC 3.6 ~ 6.0V. Current consumption of this module is low.


  • Supply voltage: DC 3.6 ~ 6.0V

    Supply Current: Current: 120mA

    Peak current: 140mA

    Fingerprint image time: 1 .0 seconds

    Window Size: 14 X18 mm

    Signature files: 256 bytes

    Template files: 512 bytes

    Storage capacity: 1,000

    False Accept Rate (FAR): 0 .001security level is 3:00)

    False Reject Rate (FRR): 1 .0security level is 3:00)

    Search time: 1 .0 seconds (1:500, the mean)

    Host Interface: UART (TTL logic level)

    Communication baud rate (UART): (9600 X N) bps where N = 1 ~ 12 (default value N = 6, ie 57600bps)

    Working Environment: Temperature: -20 to +50

    Relative Humidity: 40H to 85H (non-condensing)

    Storage environment: Temperature: -40 to +85

    Relative humidity: 85 (non-condensing)

    Dimension (L X W X H): 56 X 20 X 21.5mm

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