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BA159 Diode Rectifier

BA159 Diode Rectifier

Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode is a semiconductor device which possesses short reverse recovery time for rectification purpose at high frequency. A quick recovery time is crucial for rectification of high-frequency AC signal. Diodes are mostly used in rectifiers because they possess ultra-high switching speed.

The fast recovery diode is constructed in the similar manner by which ordinary diode is constructed. The major difference in construction between these diodes and conventional diodes is the presence of recombination centres. In fast recovery diodes, Gold (Au) is added to the semiconductor material. This leads to augmentation in the numerical value of recombination centres due to which the lifetime (?) of charge carriers decreases.


• Diffused junction
Fast switching for high efficiency
High current capability and low forward voltage drop
Surge overload rating to 30A peak

• Low reverse leakage current
Plastic material has UL flammability classification 94V-0

Advantages of Fast Recovery Diode:

Ultrahigh Switching Speed
Low reverse recovery time
Improved efficiency as compared to conventional diodes.
Reduced loss

Maximum Ratings & Thermal Characteristics:

Rating at 25ambient temperature unless otherwise specified, Resistive or Inductive load, 60 Hz.

For Capacitive load derate current by 20%.

Max.repetitive peak reverse voltageVRRM1000V
Max. RMS bridge input voltageVRMS700V
Max. DC blocking voltageVDC1000V
Max. average forward rectified output current at TA=75℃IF(AV)1.0A
Peak forward surge current single sine-wave superimposed on rated loadIFSM30A
Maximum reverse recovery time TJ=25℃Trr500nS
Typical thermal resistance per elementReJA50℃/W
Typical junction capacitance per elementCj15pF
Operating junction and storage temperature range



-65 to +150

Electrical Characteristics:

Rating at 25ambient temperature unless otherwise specified. Resistive or Inductive load, 60Hz.

For Capacitive load derate by 20 %.

Max. instantaneous forward voltage drop per leg at 1.0AVF1.3V

Max. DC reverse current at rated TA=25℃

DC blocking voltage per element TA=25℃





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