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Looking for LCD, LED & OLED display modules and status display modules? Shop for LCD, LED & OLED display modules for Arduino, Raspberry PI, and UNO online at the guaranteed lowest price in Bangladesh.

Brand: Arduino Model: 2972
3.2 inch TFT LCD screen module Ultra HD 320X480 for Arduino 2560 R3 BoardSize : 89.92(W)*54.25(L)(mm)Diplay Size : 67.68(W)*45.12(L)(mm)Screen Size : 3.2 inchBacklight Type : Highlighting White 6 LEDScreen Resolution : 480*320(Pixel)Power Consumption : 80~110(mA)Screen Type : TFT(IPS Whole Perspecti..
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Model: 2879
Specifications:Screen Size: 64x48 Pixels (0.66" Across)Operating Voltage: 3.3VDriver IC: SSD1306Interface: (I2C)IIC Address: 0x3C of Ox3DPackage:1x 0.66 inch OLED Display Module for WEMOS D1 MINI ESP32 Module AVR STM32 64x48 0.66" LCD Screen IIC I2C OLED..
Ex Tax:৳379.00
Model: 1173
Specification:1, high resolution: 128X64 (and 12864LCD the same resolution, but the OLED screen more pixels per unit area)2, super wide viewing angle: more than 160 ° (maximum viewing angle display a screen)3, ultra-low power consumption: normal display 0.06W (far below the TFT display)4, wide suppl..
৳369.00 ৳399.00
Ex Tax:৳369.00
Model: 2744
Specifications:Module NO: HED802-1SeriesCOB Type: 8x2 CharacterModule Size: 40.0(L)x36.0(W)x12.0(H) MMViewing Area: 30.0x14.0  MMActive Area: 25.74x9.48  MMCharacter Size: 2.78x4.49 MMOperate Voltage: 5.0V  Viewing Direction: 6:00Interface: 8080/6800 8/4-Bit Parallel  16P&nb..
Ex Tax:৳145.00
Model: 2866
Specifications:100% brand new and high qualityResolution: 128*64Display area: 29.42 x 14.7mm/1.16"*0.58"Driving voltage: 3.3-5VOperating temperature: -40 ° to 70 °Interface type: IIC interfacePin definitions:GND (power ground)VCC (positive power supply)SCL (clock line)SDA (data line)Package:1 x 1.3"..
Ex Tax:৳390.00
Model: 3975
Specifications:Display Size: 1.5inResolution: 128*128Driver IC: SSD1351Interface Type: Serial Peripheral Interface/68XX-Series/80XX-Series interfacePin Quantity: 30PinDisplay Color: Full colorPixel Size: 0.045*0.194mmOperating Temperature: -30~70℃Working Voltage: 3.5VPackage:1x OLED Display Mod..
Ex Tax:৳375.00
Model: 3979
Specification:Driver: 1351Interface: 4-wire SPI, 3-wire SPIDisplay color: RGB, 65K colorsResolution: 128x128Viewing angle: >160°Operating voltage: 3.3V / 5VDimension: 44.5 x 37 (mm)Package:1x 1.5inch RGB OLED Module..
৳2,210.00 ৳2,244.00
Ex Tax:৳2,210.00
1.8inch Arduino Lcd Display Module 1.8inch Arduino Lcd Display Module
Model: 2763
1.8-inch color screen, support 65K color display, display rich colors128X160 resolution, clear displayUsing the SPI serial bus, it only takes a few IOs to illuminate the displayWith SD card slot for convenient function expansionProvide underlying libraries and rich sample programs for Arduino, C51, ..
Ex Tax:৳697.00
Model: 3976
Specifications:Panel Model:  MGLS128128-58CPanel Type:  TFT-LCDResolution:  128*128Package:1x 128*128 MGLS128128-58C LCD PANEL..
Ex Tax:৳3,331.00
2.4 inch TFT LCD mega2560,due with touch screen st7781/ili9325 display 2.4 inch TFT LCD mega2560,due with touch screen st7781/ili9325 display
Model: 4085
Specifications:2.4″ diagonal LCD TFT display240×320 resolution, 18-bit (262,000) color8 bit digital interface, plus 4 control lines5V compatible! Use with 3.3V or 5V logicOnboard 3.3V 300mA LDO regulator4 white LED backlight. On by default but you can connect the transistor to a digital pin for back..
Ex Tax:৳911.00
Brand: Arduino Model: 1171
Specifications:Resistive touch screen TFT LCD, 2.8 inch, 320×240 resolutionStandard Arduino interface, compatible with development boards like : Arduino UNO, Leonardo, UNO PLUS, NUCLEO, XNUCLEOOnboard stand-alone touch controller, better touching than solutions that use AD pins directly for touch co..
Ex Tax:৳1,980.00
Model: 2974
Specifications:Display Size: 1.3 inchMaterial: HD IPS color screen, the color is more vivid than ordinary TFT LCDResolution: 240*240 display, the  direction can be adjusted, horizontal and verticalControl chip: ST7789Display area: 23.4x23.4mmPhysical size: 27.78x39.22mmInterface type : 4-wire S..
৳410.00 ৳500.00
Ex Tax:৳410.00
3.2 inch Resistive Touch LCD Display 320X240mm Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+ plus screen 3.2 inch Resistive Touch LCD Display 320X240mm Raspberry Pi 4B/3B+ plus screen
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Model: 4060
Specifications:3.2inch standard display, 320 × 240 resolutionWith a resistive touch screen for touch controlCompatible and can be directly inserted into all versions of the raspberry school boardThis product through the CE, RoHS certificationSize: 3.2 (inch)Resolution: 320 × 240 (dots)Touch: Resisti..
৳2,357.00 ৳2,444.00
Ex Tax:৳2,357.00
Brand: Raspberry Pi Model: 2444
Specifications:LCD TypeTFTLCD InterfaceSPITouch Screen TypeResistiveTouch Screen ControllerXPT2046Colors65536BacklightLEDResolution 320*480 (Pixel)Aspect Ratio8:5Power Consumption  TBDBacklight Current TBD Operating Temp. (Centigrade)TBDInterface Definition:PIN NO.  SYM..
Ex Tax:৳3,800.00
Model: 3742
Features:1. 3.5in 480x320 TFT LCD screen, high quality image display and wide viewing angle.2. Equipped with SD card socket and SPIFLASH circuit.3. Provide 12 examples for Arduino and 3examples of STM32.4. Applicable for Arduino UNO & MEGA 2560 development board.5. Compatible with UTFT / UTFT_Bu..
Ex Tax:৳1,599.00
Model: 2779
Specifications:Size : 93 * 30 * 6.8 mmColor : RedPixels : 44 * 11 dotsDisplay : horizontal scrollingCharging Time: 1.5 hoursPower Supply: Lithium battery 230mAhCharging : 5V, 500MHA(Same as mobile charger)Working Time: Continue to work for 12 hours or moreWear Modes: Built-in Magnet + PinSupported L..
৳649.00 ৳749.00
Ex Tax:৳649.00
Brand: Raspberry Pi Model: 2546
Specifications:Screen – 5″ TFT resistive touch screen display with 800×480 resolution @ 60 Hz;LCD Driver IC – Display Future ILI9486LTouch controller – XPT2046 4-wire resistive touch controllerVideo Input – HDMIPower Supply – 5V/1A via micro USB port or Raspberry Pi headerDimensions – 121.11 x 77.93..
Ex Tax:৳4,538.00
7 inch HDMI 800×480 Resistive Touch Screen LCD Display for Raspberry Pi & Windows 7 inch HDMI 800×480 Resistive Touch Screen LCD Display for Raspberry Pi & Windows
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Brand: Raspberry Pi Model: 2555
About:800×480 high resolutionCapacitive touch controlSupports popular mini-PCs like Raspberry Pi, BB Black, etc.When working with Raspberry Pi, supports Raspbian, Ubuntu, WIN10 IoT, single touch, and driver freeWhen working with other mini-PCs, driver is required and should be developed by usersNot ..
Ex Tax:৳5,530.00
FHD 1080P USB C Touch IPS Display Gaming Portable Touch Monitor 15.6" for Laptop Phone PC Xbox External screen FHD 1080P USB C Touch IPS Display Gaming Portable Touch Monitor 15.6" for Laptop Phone PC Xbox External screen
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Brand: Lencit Model: 4618
Specifications:Series: For Gaming / WorkAspect Ratio: 16:9, 16:9 (W:H)Screen Type: LEDPixel Pitch: 0.12445mmHorizontal Viewing Angle: 178°Built-in Speaker: YesVertical Viewing Angle: 178°Application: Desktop, Laptop, Phone, Xbox, Play StationResponse Time: 1MsBrightness: 250cd/m, 250 cd/mInterface T..
৳19,970.00 ৳26,731.00
Ex Tax:৳19,970.00
Model: 0354
Product Description: 1.Blue Background Lighting, White Signs. 2.Can display 4-line X 20 characters. 3.Operating temperature: -20 celi ~ +60 celi. 4.LCD Type: STN Blue. 5.Great viewing angle and high contrast. 6.Driver chip: KS0066 (compatible with HD44780). 7.Operate with 5V DC. 8.Module size (W x ..
Ex Tax:৳530.00
Model: 0353
This standard blue backlight HD44780 LCD is great for your arduino projects. It supports 16 characters wide and 2 rows in white text on blue background. As the pin resources of Arduino microcontrollers is limited, your may be not able to use normal LCD shield after connected with a certain..
Ex Tax:৳170.00
Model: 0907
Blue Display 16x1 Character LCD Module,Single LIne,White Backlight..
Ex Tax:৳209.00
LCD Display 84×48 – Nokia 5110 LCD Display 84×48 – Nokia 5110
Model: 3191
Specifications:Operating Voltage is 2.7V to 3.3VCurrent consumption is 6mAConsists of 48 rows and 84 columns (84×48) monochrome pixelsWorks using SPI interfaceConsists of Philips PCD8544 interface chip for easy interfacingCan be easily interfaced with ArduinoSupports decent graphics of bitmap images..
Ex Tax:৳390.00
Model: 3021
Specifications:This is a basic 16 character by 2 line black-on-green display.Utilizes the extremely common HD44780 parallel interface chipset.Interface code is freely available.Blue Backlight with white words.uses 4 Bit Arduino LCD Library.Size:8cm x 5.9cm - 3.15inch x 2.32inchPackage:1 X Keypad Shi..
Ex Tax:৳380.00
Model: 2322
Specifications:Size: 80.1mm*36mmLogic working voltage: (Vdd)+4.8V~+5.2VDisplay: white on blue/black on yellowLCD drive voltage: (Vdd-Vo)+5VWorking temperature: (Ta)-20°C~+70°C (wide temperature)Storage temperature: (Tsto) -30°C~+80°C (wide temperature)Working current: (except backlight) 1.7mA (max)W..
Ex Tax:৳340.00
Model: 1001
Specifications:Type: HJ12864ZWController: ST7920Display color: BlueCharacter color: whiteOther features: 5 v logic power supply, the parallel communication, high reliability, wide temperature rangePackage Included:1 X 12864 LCD Module..
Ex Tax:৳999.00
Model: 1133
Features:     OLED display, no need backlight, self-illumination, the display performance is better than the traditional LCD display, also lower consumption.Driver IC: SSD1306   Size: 0.91 inch OLED   Resolution: 128 x 32   IIC interface   Displ..
Ex Tax:৳429.00
Model: 3651
Specification:p6 outdoor full color led display parameters:Name                                    P6 led screen modulePlate Size                       &nb..
Ex Tax:৳1,180.00
RITEDEAL RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller RITEDEAL RepRapDiscount Full Graphic Smart Controller
Model: 3592
This 12864 RepRapDiscount full graphic smart LCD controller compatible with Ramps 1.4 / 1.5/ 1.6, SKR V1.1, V1.3, SKR Pro, MKS Gen V1.4 control boards and supported by Marlin firmware.This LCD smart controller contains an SD-Card reader, a rotary encoder and a 128×64 LCD display and easily coul..
Ex Tax:৳1,846.00
Model: 3077
 Features SIZE 1.8inch Display Mode Normally black IPSDisplay Format Graphic 128RGB*160 Dot-matrixInput Data SPI interfaceDimensional outline 27.78(W)*39.22 (H)*3.0+/-0.1(T)mmResolution 128RGB*160 DotsViewing Direction All ViewOperating Temperature&n..
Ex Tax:৳781.00
TFT touch Display 2.4 inch LCD For Arduino
Brand: Arduino Model: 2413
2.4 inch TFT touch Screen LCD For Arduino2.4" Touch LCD TFT displaySPFD5408 controller with built in video RAM buffer240×320 resolution, 18-bit (262,000) color8 bit digital interface, plus 4 control linesUses digital pins 5-13 and analog 0-3. That means you can use digital pins 2, 3 and analog 4 and..
Ex Tax:৳799.00
Model: 4177
Specifications:Voltage: 3.3VLength: 1341Height: 554Package:1x TM402A industrial LCD display for arduino..
Ex Tax:৳2,281.00
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