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Neodymium Magnet Countersunk Ring Shape 15 X 4 mm

Neodymium Magnet Countersunk Ring Shape 15 X 4 mm

Description: Ring shape disc strong neodymium magnet 15mm x 2.5mm

Neodymium disc magnet is the most regular shape of magnet, it is used in a huge variety of applications, from using in Hall Effect Sensors and Reed Switches, through to clamping applications, office use, generator use, educational, etc. Meanwhile, it can be widely used in many kinds of magnetic assemblies and magnetic products, thus it is ideal material for holding, hanging and closures in a variety of areas, including retail display, exhibition and packaging closures.

Most disc magnet is with north and south poles on the flat circular surfaces (this is called as axial magnetisation). The few exception that is diametrically magnetised is specifically marked. Also, Multi pole disc magnet is more and more referred in this industry now.

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