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Variable Capacitor 0-70pf

Variable Capacitor 0-70pf
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The tunable capacitor has the same function as the fixed capacitor in practical applications, but its flexibility is that it can adjust the size of the capacitor, and by changing this data, it can realize the resonance of the circuit with components such as inductors.
Ceramic tunable capacitors have good high-frequency characteristics and can work at hundreds of MHz or more. However, ceramic production and processing are more difficult, so the price is higher and the price of the film is lower.
After the ceramic adjustable capacitor is generally adjusted to the appropriate capacitance value, it does not need to be adjusted frequently. At this time, it plays the same role as the ordinary capacitor. If the debugging force is improper or the adjustment frequency is too frequent, it may be damaged. Capacitor.
The capacitance of the adjustable capacitors is marked with the maximum capacitance and the minimum capacitance. Generally, there are 2/7P, 3/10P, 5/15P and other specifications, and the variation range is more than 3 times.



Product Name: Adjustable Capacitor
Product model: 70
Plastic seal volume: 6mm
Capacity range (PF): 3-120
Rated voltage: 100V
Maximum voltage: 220V
Insulation resistance: 10000MΩ
Temperature: -12c  -85 c

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