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Power Inverter 500W Convert 12V To AC 220V

Power Inverter 500W Convert 12V To AC 220V

Product Description:

KBM Power Inverter 500W Convert 12V To AC 220V. Full Automatic DC-AC Inverter External Battery


  • High converting efficiency.
  • Under voltage shutdown-protection.
  • Overload-protection, overheat-protection.
  • Low battery alarm, low / high battery shut down.
  • Automatic thermal shut down.
  • Safely shuts down if under over temperature or overload condition.
  • Advanced chip technology, high conversion efficiency.
  • Dual Intelligent cooling fan system, CPU microprocessor to realize multiple-protection.
  • Protect the electrical and automotive circuits in use.
  • Can be operated with your car cigarette socket or direct connected with wires clips.
  • Adapting Aluminum Alloy case, antioxidant, sturdy and durable.
  • Positive and negative pole terminal
  • Working Indicator Lamp
  • Universal Socket, suit for various household electrical appliances, etc.
  • Inverter Manual Switch


  • KBM
  • Model: KBM12-500
  • OutputWaveForm: correctedsinewave
  • Inputvoltage:DC12V
  • OutputVoltage:AC220V
  • Peak-power: 500W
  • Continuous output power: 450W
  • Conversion efficiency: Greater than 90%
  • Frequency:50Hz
  • Under-voltage shutdown: 10.5VDC
  • Low-voltage alarm: 10.5VDC
  • Overload-shutdown: Yes
  • Short-circuit shutdown: Yes
  • Net-weight: 0.60Kg
  • Gross-weight: 0.95Kg
  • Dimensions:16.3X5.4X5.5CM

Package Contain:

  • 1 x KBM Power Inverter 500W Convert 12V To AC 220V
  • 2 x Battery Terminal Cable

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