Toshiba 1943-5200 2.1 Power Amplifier Board (80W * 2 + 100W)

Toshiba 1943-5200  2.1 Power Amplifier Board (80W * 2 + 100W)
Product description
1943/5200 2.1 power amplifier board (80 w + 80 w + 100 w)
Product description:
All parts of this product are authentic original, unpretentious, pure quality; the use of original pieces of high quality, not only safety and quality are guaranteed, the lifespan is long, more important is to ensure that the actual performance can achieve the project objectives. Quality pursuit is our consistent goal.
Product Details:
Original TT1943 / TT5200.
Main circuit signal electrolytic capacitor adopts NOER brand name, main filter capacitor adopts NOER 6 × 10000 uf capacity special audio capacitor, adopts 25A and above bridge flat rectifier to ensure strong and continuous power support.
The resistor uses a five-ring metal resistor, and the main circuit uses a five-ring metal film resistor with an accuracy of ± 1% to ensure a good signal-to-noise ratio.
PCB uses 1.6mm thick double-sided sheet, 2.0 oz thick copper, the full process spray can, to ensure good performance passing large and small current. First-class quality PCB.
This board comes with a speaker protection circuit to effectively eliminate the impact of sound and better protect your speakers.
I think the subwoofer that uses the tube is better than the IC. It is powerful and not as loose as the IC.
Basic Parameters:
PCB size: 230 * 104mm (width without potentiometer handle length)
Transformer: Dual AC 28 v-32 v / 200 w or more (power amplifier power supply), AC dual 12 v or 15 v (pre-stage power supply)
Output power: 80w * 2 + 100w
Speaker impedance: ohms 4-8

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