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CD4017 4017 DIP-16 Decade Counter Divider IC

CD4017 4017 DIP-16 Decade Counter Divider IC

The IC CD4017 is used for counting applications, it has the capability to turn on 10 outputs sequentially in a pre-defined time and reset the count or hold it when required. It also has the capability to indicate the status of counting using Carry pin. This is commonly used for Led chasers and other logical output projects, so if you are looking for an sequential decoded counting IC that can count up to 10 then this IC will be your right choice.


  • High speed 16 pin CMOS Decade counter
  • Supports 10 decoded outputs
  • Wide supply voltage range from 3V to 15V, typically +5V
  • TTL compatible
  • Maximum Clock Frequency: 5.5Mhz
  • Available in 16-pin PDIP, GDIP, PDSO packages


  • Used in LED matrix, LED chaser and other LED projects
  • Binary counter or Binary decoder
  • Can be used for divide by N counting
  • Remote metering, automotive, medical electronics

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