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Vibration Sensor HDX-2 SW-420

Vibration Sensor HDX-2 SW-420

HDX-2 SW-420 Normally Closed Highly Sensitive Vibration Sensor Vibration switch 
Name: switches of vibration (vibration sensors) 
Package: plugin 
Function description: 
1. The vibration sensor is made up of metal and plastic manufacturing, the product has high sensitivity, without interference from external sound advantages 
2. characteristics: none position, vibration resistance varies with the intensity of vibrations. 
3. this product is generally used for electric cars, car alarm on. 
4. the appearance of heat shrinkable tubing products packaging, waterproof, moisture-proof and dust-proof. 
5 Electrical Characteristics: 
Voltage <24V 
Current <1MA 
Temperature <80 °

Package Includes

1 pc x Vibration sensor

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