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Model: 2984-10000
EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver V44 A3967 Description:Stepper motor step angle is usually defined with parameters or a number of steps, the general motor revolution is divided into 200 steps, which is the step angle of 1.8 degrees, EasyDriver subdivision function with a step, this driver board ..
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Model: 1190-45000
This driver uses chips BTS7960 composed of high-power drive full H-bridge driver module with thermal over-current protection. Double BTS7960 H-bridge driver circuit, with a strong drive and braking, effectively isolating the microcontroller and motor driver! High-current 43ASpecification: ..
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Model: 2365-85000
Panel Size:Specifications: Operating voltage: DC3V-35VOutput current: 0-5AOutput power: 90W (max)PWM duty cycle: 1% -100%PWM frequency: 10khzSize: 30mm x 24mm x 15mm (Without Handle)Precautions: - DC motor governor input is DC, can not directly connected to the AC (for example: home 220V A..
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Model: 3009-39.10
L298N:Module name : dual H bridge motor drive module Work mode : H bridge drive (double road) Main control chip : L298N Packaging : electrostatic bag Logical voltage : 5V Drive voltage : 5v-35v Logical current : 0mA-36mA Driving current : 2A(MAX single bridge) Storage tempera..
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Model: 3305-16000
Product DescriptionName: nodemcu motor shieldUsing ESP-12 DEVELOPMENT KIT Development Shield ModuleExtend output ports for DEVKIT of ESP-12: SPI, UART, GPIO, AI and 3.3V power interfaceExtend 2-way motor, then directly drive 2-way motorDesign a power switchVoltage for motor: 4.5V-36VVoltage for ESP ..
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