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Fully Arduino and Microcontroller Compatible◾ GSM module: SIM900A ◾ RTC backup battery ◾ A..

Ex Tax: ৳3,500.00

Basic InfoModel NO.: PST-PT102BGSM Frequency: 850/900/1800/1900MHzGPS Module: Sirf3 C..

Ex Tax: ৳4,200.00

SIM800 GPRS GSM Shield compatible with Arduino SIM800 Development Board Quad-Band For Arduino Can In..

Ex Tax: ৳2,800.00

SIM800 series modules support Hyper Text Transfer Protocol application. Which provides a mode to alt..

Ex Tax: ৳630.00

Description:1.Three power input interface: DC044 interface and V_IN and a lithium battery interface...

Ex Tax: ৳2,800.00

Feature:The GPRS Shield is based on SIM900 module from SIMCOM and compatible with Arduino and its cl..

Ex Tax: ৳3,000.00

The onboard two set power supply interface VCC5 5V power supply, VCC4 interface, 3.5--4.5V power sup..

Ex Tax: ৳1,450.00

Ublox makes good gps. The Ublox NEO-6M gps engine on this board is a quite good one, with high preci..

Ex Tax: ৳840.00

DescriptionFeatures:Real-time tracking, show location information automatically(supports Android/IOS..

Ex Tax: ৳2,799.00