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12V SAMCON Micro Soldering Iron DC 12V 12W 12V SAMCON Micro Soldering Iron Station temperature Contr..

Model: 2742
Ex Tax: ৳140.00

Damp Sponge For Clean Soldering wick...

Model: 0728
Ex Tax: ৳18.00

A solder sucker is a desoldering tool which needs the help of a soldering iron to work. At first mel..

Model: 0470
Ex Tax: ৳78.00
Desoldering Pumps,GS-100 And Spare Replacement Nozzles ( Solder Sucker ) SOLD OUT

Jumbo SizeLarge vacuum capacity Self-Cleaning ShaftWhen the plunger is pushed, a piston extends..

Model: 0923
Ex Tax: ৳120.00

Model TQ-77 TQ-95Voltage 110-130V, 220-240V AC 50/60HzPower Consumption High 150W / ..

Model: 2273
Ex Tax: ৳3,000.00

 Two-stage high-power heaterModelTQ-77TQ-95Voltage110-130V, 220-240V AC 50/60HzPower Consumptio..

Model: 2275
Ex Tax: ৳2,900.00

Width: 1.5mmLength: 1.5mSize may vary...

Model: 2287
Ex Tax: ৳200.00

Introduction:Thermal Grease Paste, Help Your Electrical Appliance To Thermal Conductivity And Heat D..

Model: 2840
Ex Tax: ৳60.00

KAWH Advanced Soldering Tip is a high quality soldering tip for batter and smooth soldering...

Model: 1192
Ex Tax: ৳80.00

KOOCU 25W Constant Temperature Electric Soldering Iron For Precision Printed Circuit PCB Board ..

Model: 2782
Ex Tax: ৳299.00

Features:Mechanic Soldering Solder Welding use new technical support, the unique chemical f..

Model: 2289
Ex Tax: ৳250.00

BEST Rosin Flux Soldering PasteThis soldering  specialized in soldering tools, communication re..

Model: 0837
Ex Tax: ৳14.00

Safety Glass / GogglesColor not fixed, it will change like yellow, red,black,white etc...

Model: 0863
Ex Tax: ৳100.00

Description: Power: 1.8wVoltage at Pmax: (Vpm: 5VCurrent at Pmax: (Imp: 0.36AOpen Circuit Vol..

Model: 2568
Ex Tax: ৳880.00

Solder Iron Tips / Head ( Tatal ) 40W Copper..

Model: 0819
Ex Tax: ৳30.00